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Real Tuesday 5 - 1 FC Farcelona

Goals came from Fergal (2), Nick (2) and Phil as the Real claimed the Copa Del Saughton on the new astro pitch at the Stadium Of Dark.

One of Fergal's goals was an utter peach of a free kick, looping up and over the Farcelona wall from the edge of the area, and Phil's goal was (I think) a great header from a cross by Matty, who rampaged up and down the right wing all night.

Opposition goal came from a penalty during the second half, after Scott was incorrectly adjudged to have fouled a Farcelona player running into the box. The (otherwise very good) young ref later admitted that he had called it wrong, having been miles away from the incident. The penalty was well struck, and James had no chance. James was otherwise a spectator for most of the game, although he did have some work to due at set pieces during the first half.

MoTM was Fergal for utterly bossing the midfield during the game - well done to Graeme for suggesting that Fergal should be played in the centre of the park - but Stuart Blackhall also got special mentions for a very effective shift at left back in what was his first ever 11s game. His throw ins and positional play may need a bit of work, but he was strong in the tackle and can header the ball like Marvin Andrews.

Pete was also a rock at right back, using his pace to link well with Matty ahead of him, while the fact that Graeme and Scott played the entire game in the heart of defence shows how solid they were (pretty much every other player was substituted - and, for once, our use of rolling subs went very well).

Matty's mate, Jonny P(renderville), did a grand job for us, impressing both with his Davids-style eyewear and some mad, mazy runs in the second half that utterly confused the Farcelona defence (and us), and really merited a goal - the poor sod just kept running out of pitch as he thought about a shot!

Here's what the opposition manager, Frank Gibson, made of the game:

"Enjoyed the game as well Bill, it was interesting playing in numerous positions. I hadn't realised how scary it is in goals - being transfixed by a sea of white shirts flooding towards you!

"Even if the players who didn't make it for one reason or another had turned up, I don't think we would have been close! We might have been more organised at the start, as our line up was still being decided as kick-off took place!! A couple of cracking goals at the start for your lot.

"You are right that we started badly, I had thought that playing regularly on the larger pitch would have given us more awareness for 11's, but it is still a different game.

"We are certainly the older team - if your Tuesday night games are getting too much for you, you could join our lot?

"Not sure how quickly people will want a rematch, we have quite a few walking wounded and several 'that's it, I am too old for this type of game'- so we may have to let the memories fade a bit. Did your player who took out our keeper still think that 1940's rules applied?"

That last question refers to young Mr Blackhall, apparently! Frank also suggested that Fahd (a welcome late comer on the night) had clattered him at one point, too ...

Oh, and neds nicked the match ball 5 minutes from the end of the game, having spent the entire game slagging off whichever goalie was standing at the Saughton Park end of the pitch. Cheers, ya wee bastards!


Match Stats

Result Won 5-1
Sequence 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 (half time), 4-1, 5-1
Scorers Fergal Campbell 2, Nick Irvine 2, Phil Robson
Cards None
Team Bonner; Blackhall, Hook, Proudfoot, Marsh; Torres Del Cerro, Campbell, Irvine, Lawlor; Robson, C Stewart
Subs (all used) Kelly, Couch, Rafferty, Prenderville, McNie, Khammal
Referee Brian Latto's young apprentice (his grandson?)
Attendance 15 (neds)
MoTM Fergal Campbell