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Real Tuesday 1 - 1 Real Esobad


Thanks to those of you who played last night - a good shift by all concerned. Ended 1 all, with Esobad scoring from a corner on the stroke of half time, then Gareth scoring a fine free kick for the Real with ten minutes to go. Special mention to Graeme's brother in law Scott, who put a great shift in in midfield before being (sort of) sent off for persistent fouling. He will be welcome in a Real shirt any time.


Thought we did OK - bit disorganised at times, so need to sort that for next time. Happy to keep taking throws and goal kicks because I think we play ourselves into trouble at times. Miss wee Craig a lot. Also need to encourage more shooting!

Frank Gibson

I asked the guys last night if they wanted a rematch, and the majority were in favour, however they wanted to leave it for a while. The consensus was a game in the spring would be best.

Colin was the guy at the back who played beside big Robert at the centre of defence. He is not a flashy player just got on with it and was effective. I believe Psycho was booked for swearing at Mr Latto when he gave an offside decision. Psycho or Zyco (I presume it is Eastern European for Psycho!) once again came in for a lot of bad press after the match!

You are correct neither goalkeeper was really challenged, although both goals were good. Matt would probably take a bit of stick for letting the free kick in, but it was a good strike from your guy.


I did get a yellow, though he flashed a red at me for a laugh to start with.

He gave offside when Gormley played me in, Bucko was offside not me and he wasn't interfering with play, so I stuck the ball in the back of the net

Should have been a goal and I told him so in no uncertain terms.

Match Stats

Result Drew 1-1
Sequence 0-1 (half time), 1-1
Scorers Gallagher
Cards Zyco yellowed for swearing at Mr Latto after he made a call for offside: we were also asked to 'hook' Scott from the field of play before the ref did it for us!
Team Bonner; Fombo, McNie, Proudfoot, Lawson; McCaul, Gormley (c), McHardy, Couch; Lennox, Stewart
Subs Hook, Gallagher (unless either or both started?)
Referee Brian Latto