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Real Tuesday 6 - 4 Stewart's Melville

Match report by the Stew Mel goalie.

Review of the Real Tuesday game

The footie season has opened with a 6-4 defeat by Real Tuesday and in many respects it was similar to our opening game of the rugby season against Haddington where, whilst dominating possession and territory for large parts of the match, our inability to score when in great positions cost us dearly. Oh and plus the keepers for the Lions had shockers! At the level of football we played last night you can't afford to gift your opposition five, yes 5 goals. Two own goals courtesy of the departing Richard Munro and Mark Coyle, a nutmeg on the manager from an impossible angle and both Rigby and MacColl (Rigby's replacement at half time) being lobbed from 40 yards out is not a good defensive performance. Add to that Rigby's missed penalty attempt and again a Stew/Mel team contrived to lose a match that was theirs for the taking.

Looking back today the only saving grace is that there were no cameras present to witness the performances, especially cameras from cult soccer programme Soccer AM. Rigby would have appeared on both Taxi for and Lovejoy and Sharp could also have appeared on Taxi for after his two glaring one on one with the keeper misses. It has to be said that on both occasions Richie Munro did well in keeping the ball from going out for throw-ins!!! It would also have been interesting to see if the camera had picked up on its third eye the player responsible for depositing a small amount of sick near the half-way line during the game. Both Coyle and Mateer are in the running as the guilty party, although both are strenuously denying it was them. On the plus side, Bissett and Walkingshaw would have been invited to climb aboard the showboat and without doubt Bissett's goal would be in the running for goal of any season.

Good performances were turned in from Walkingshaw, Bissett, Napier and Coyle and has given the boys plenty to build on over the summer months. Monday Night Football will again become a regular part of the fitness training although it must be emphasised that it will be played on a proper sized mini-pitch at the Stew/Mel School, with proper sized mini goals. That will make skill be at an optimum, none of this long ball stuff. Real Tuesday are already looking for a rematch as they know they were lucky in many regards last night. Plenty of places remain up for grabs in the Stew/Mel select, especially in the management!.

On a final note, I must admit to being disappointed with the number of crunching tackles that we put in on the opposition. We had a number of opportunities to put Bill McNie sky high in the air, but never. Real Tuesday
may not be so lucky again!

Gordon Rigby

(Match Stats to follow)