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Alastair Frame

Nickname Al
Date Of Birth 13/9/71
Place Of Birth Glasgow
Big Team Partick Thistle
Wee Team Ipswich Town
Favourite Player Ever Chic Charnley
Position Central defence or goalie
Distinguishing Features Partick Thistle top, pre-match nicotine habit, distinctive 'shuffling' running style
Lookalike John 'Yogi' Hughes, Matt Skiba out of Alkaline Trio or film director Terry Gilliam
Battlecry Anything exhorting AWOL defenders to get back and do their job, e.g. "I've got TWO here!"
Claim To Fame Has to be those casual pre-match fags he used to enjoy - now replaced with Nicorette gum, in a sad sign of the times
5s Appearances in 2004 28 out of 41 (68%)
5s Appearances in 2005 19 out of 45 (42%)
5s Appearances in 2006 16 out of 43 (37%)
5s Appearances in 2007 8 out of 42 (19%)

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