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Bonus Fombo

Nickname Worldwide, Popular Beat Combo, The Duke
Date Of Birth 13/4/68
Place Of Birth Sapele, Nigeria
Big Team Manchester United
Wee Team Bonus has, apparently, 'adopted' Hearts - bad move, sir!
Favourite Player Ever Terry Butcher
Position Looking like a roving defender, or maybe a holding midfielder - but not a keeper
Distinguishing Features Loping gait, general air of unpredictability, occasionally 'forthright' tackling style
Lookalike Varies from game to game, now that he's growing his barnet to keep out the cold of the Scottish winter - Samuel L Jackson one week, Robbie Earle the next!

Tends to let his hypnotic feet do the talking, though sometimes lets out a hearty, deceptively friendly chuckle before halving you

Claim To Fame The Clydesdale Bank tenner has directions to his house printed on the back
5s Appearances in 2006 7 out of 43 (16%)
5s Appearances in 2007 29 out of 42 (69%)
5s Appearances in 2008 12 out of 48 (25%)

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