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Brian Onyiuke

Nickname Kacey
Date Of Birth 27/3/88
Place Of Birth Lagos, Nigeria
Big Team Manchester United
Wee Team AFC Wimbledon
Favourite Player Ever Ronaldinho
Position Looking like a tricky winger or creative midfielder so far
Distinguishing Features Nothing so far, bar his outrageous ball control, eye for a pass and general trickery
Lookalike Will Smith
Battlecry Nothing so far
Claim To Fame Won a BBC2 TV show called 'Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week' (Series 2) and has also been on 'Ninja Warrior UK'.

First Real player ever to drive an aircraft carrier.
8s Debut 11/6/19
8s Appearances in 2019 12 out of 50 (24%)
8s Appearances in 2020 15 out of 18 (83%)
8s Appearances in 2021 29 out of 32 (91%)
8s Appearances in 2022 35 out of 47 (74%)
Total Appearances 91

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