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Dave Rolland

Nickname Dave The Dog, Bulldog, Grumpy Dave, Son Of Sam
Date Of Birth 7/11/82
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Spurs
Wee Team Any international minnows playing England
Favourite Player Ever Jürgen Klinsmann

Pretty damn good all over the pitch, though it has to be said that height isn't exactly on his side - so probably not central defence, then.

Good keeper, too - guess it must be quite easy to stop the ball when it looks that big.

Distinguishing Features

Skill, speed, smallness - and tendency to storm off if he loses!

Sports Action Man's shin guards at our 11s games, too.

Lookalike Ryan Phillippe out of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', R2D2 out of 'Star Wars', the Feral Kid out of 'Mad Max 2', Stuart Adamson out of Big Country, a wee Sam Paulo or a fat Chinese person
Battlecry His trademark anguished howl as a pass fails to find its intended target or a shot fizzes wide
Claim To Fame

Sat between Gazza and Gary Lineker in the players' lounge after a (Spurs) friendly with Hearts in 1990. They didn’t have much to say to one another, apparently.

Also deserves plaudits for genuinely getting sent off - by a ref, for two bookable offences - during a game at Sighthill. First time in the history of world 5s?

5s Appearances in 2008 17 out of 48 (35%)
8s Appearances in 2009 30 out of 46 (65%)
8s Appearances in 2010 21 out of 43 (49%)
8s Appearances in 2011 19 out of 49 (39%)
8s Appearances in 2012 21 out of 49 (43%)
8s Appearances in 2013 23 out of 48 (48%)
8s Appearances in 2018 6 out of 46 (13%)
8s Appearances in 2019
0 out of 50 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2020
0 out of 18 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2021
1 out of 32 (3%)
8s Appearances in 2022 2 out of 47 (4%)
Total Appearances

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