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David Murray

Nickname Dave, Disco Dave, Disco, Grumpy Dave
Date Of Birth 19/6/73
Place Of Birth Vale Of Leven
Big Team Celtic
Wee Team Man Utd
Favourite Player Ever Dennis Bergkamp

Looking like a defender or defensive midfielder so far - very much in the Fergal mould, in fact.

Also being groomed by Bill to replace Lee as our 11s goalie of choice.

Distinguishing Features A certain fondness for a crunching slide tackle - that, and a pinkie splint
Lookalike Chuck Norris, an Action Man sailor, Shark Bite John (latter according to Gormley only) or Boab Coyle out of 'The Granton Star Cause'
Battlecry A man of few words - does what he has to do with the minimum of fuss
Claim To Fame

Gazza once caught him blatantly eyeing up his missus.

He also used to hang around Whistlebinkies, pretending to be Ryan Adams in an equally blatant attempt to pick up women (allegedly!)

First Real player ever to break a finger in the perimeter fence, despite many years of trying!

8s Appearances in 2010 13 out of 43 (30%)
8s Appearances in 2011 30 out of 49 (61 %)
8s Appearances in 2012 21 out of 49 (43%)
8s Appearances in 2013 26 out 48 (54%)
8s Appearances in 2014 1 out of 50 (2%)
8s Appearances in 2015 8 out of 51 (16%)
8s Appearances in 2016 7 out of 50 (14%)

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