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David Walker

Nickname Dave, Quaver, Dave the Rave, Disco Dave
Date Of Birth 10/5/95
Place Of Birth Perth
Big Team St Johnstone
Wee Team Chesterfield
Favourite Player Ever Ronaldinho or Messi
Position Defender with a tendency to sneak forward
Distinguishing Features Nothing so far
Lookalike Used to get Gerrard when he was younger but hasn't had a lookalike for a while ('maybe there's nobody else out there that unfortunate looking')
Battlecry Nothing so far
Claim To Fame One of a select few to have lunch with The Queen when Perth received official City status in 2012.

Cost his team three goals when (to quote Andy) he 'went for a jobby' during a game in July 2022.
Road To The Real Duncan's mate
8s Debut 12/4/22
8s Appearances in 2022 18 out of 47 (38%)
Total Appearances 18

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