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Fats Kamel

Nickname Wee Fahd or Fats
Date Of Birth 6/10/78
Place Of Birth London
Big Team Tottenham
Wee Team Braids Utd
Favourite Player Ever Zinedine Zidane
Position Wherever speed, trickery and accuracy is required ... and height isn't!
Distinguishing Features Speed over the ground, and proximity to it, plus a cheeky grin the size of a Volvo grille and a healthy dose of 'the patter'

Either clay footed Rangers 'messiah' Paul Le Guen or (as the good punters of Charlie's Bar in Ardrossan recently pointed out) Thierry Henry's wee brother - see exclusive, life size photo above

Battlecry Varies between the aforementioned 'patter' and anything likely to wind up the opposition
Claim To Fame Likely to be remembered as the most stylish Real player ever - though, to be honest, that's a bit like being remembered as the most stylish Womble ever ...
5s Appearances in 2008 21 out of 47 (45%)
8s Appearances in 2009 17 out of 46 (37%)
8s Appearances in 2010 2 out of 43 (5%)

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