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Fergus Robson

Nickname Gus
Date Of Birth 22/3/86
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Hibs
Wee Team Man Utd
Favourite Player Ever Alessandro Del Piero
Position Left midfield or up front
Distinguishing Features Shorts, regardless of the weather - rain, shine or snow! Blistering pace. Venomous left peg.

Actor Nigel Harman, AKA Dennis Rickman out of 'EastEnders'

Battlecry "C'mon lads, we're better than this!" or "Keep the ball on the deck!"
Claim To Fame Was once a mascot for Hibs when they played Partick Thistle - warmed up with Gareth Evans and Darren Jackson!
8s Appearances in 2013 10 out of 48 (21%)
8s Appearances in 2014 17 out of 50 (34%)
8s Appearances in 2015 0 out of 51 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2016 3 out of 50 (6%)
8s Appearances in 2017 0 out of 49 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2018 0 out of 46 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2019 14 out of 50 (28%)
8s Appearances in 2020 6 out of 18 (33%)
Total Appearances 50

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