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Franco Lioia

Nickname Not sure Franco does nicknames
Date Of Birth Let's start the bidding at 1975
Place Of Birth Mystery City
Big Team Has sported Juve and Real Madrid shirts in the past - maybe one of those?
Wee Team Not sure Franco does wee teams
Favourite Player Ever His Italy shirt has Luca Toni's name on the back, so ...
Position Defender or wide midfielder, though has been known to steam forward on occasion
Distinguishing Features Glass ankles, aura of mystery, self-confessed 'grumpy bastard' demeanour, Azzurri shirt, goal line clearances to make a bar football goalie blush
Lookalike Will get back to you on that
Battlecry A (mystery) man of few words
Claim To Fame Most Internet-averse player in the history of Real Tuesday (one hit on Google!)
5s Appearances in 2008 9 out of 48 (19%)
8s Appearances in 2009 7 out of 46 (15%)

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