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Grant Fleming

Nickname Legs
Date Of Birth 1/2/96
Place Of Birth Doncaster
Big Team Liverpool
Wee Team Doncaster Rovers
Favourite Player Ever Steven Gerrard
Position Looking like a defensive midfielder so far - very dogged, with a bit of pace about him
Distinguishing Features His out and out lankiness -  and that bling in his lug!

Also likes squatting down on his hunkers for a wee breather as the Saughton stadium clock approaches 7 pm.

Glass knee.

Tattoos and a top knot - he's the Real's answer to Becks, basically!

Kevin Bacon

Battlecry Nothing so far
Claim To Fame Quite possibly the first ever Real player to have a pierced ear
Road To The Real Worked with Craig Milligan in HBOS/LBG
Debut Date
8s Appearances in 2018 12 out of 46 (26%)
8s Appearances in 2019 40 out of 50 (80%)
8s Appearances in 2020 13 out of 18 (72%)
8s Appearances in 2021 21 out of 32 (66%)
8s Appearances in 2022 22 out of 47 (47%)
8s Appearances in 2023 40 out of 47 (85%)
Total Appearances 148

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