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Jack Liddell

Nickname Liddell
Date Of Birth 10/3/96
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Hearts (if pushed)
Wee Team Sunderland (family team)
Favourite Player Ever Campbell
Position Up front, either arcing in from the left wing or as a target man in the box
Distinguishing Features Howitzer of a left foot, frequently aimed at a tender part of Bill's anatomy.

Won't kick with his right foot in case that knee pops out.
Lookalike Stifler out of 'American Pie'
Battlecry Nothing so far
Claim To Fame His job involves designing and installing posh glamping pods.

Has a brick with his name on it at the Stadium Of Light - but isn't a Sunderland fan.
Road To The Real Campbell's cousin
8s Debut 28/3/23
8s Appearances in 2023 31 out of 47 (66%)
Total Appearances 31

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