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Kevin Wallace

Nickname Kev
Date Of Birth 10/5/67
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Celtic
Wee Team Manchester United
Favourite Player Ever Henrik Larsson

Midfield enforcer or flying winger, the latter being his position of choice back in his rugby days.

The original Sam Paulo, in other words!

Distinguishing Features Baldy (and frequently bleeding) napper, football kit straight out of Johnny Cash's wardrobe, industrial tackling style
Lookalike Apparently a dead ringer for Tom Hanks in his younger (and more hirsute) days - more like Alan Shearer nowadays!
Battlecry Likes a good cackle when a pass goes astray, but, otherwise, there's just the dull thuds - like distant explosions - his tackles make as they find their targets
Claim To Fame

Went to school with Bill, the poor (old) sod!

Also the first serious challenger for Lee's title of 'Saughton Salty Sea Dog' ...

8s Appearances in 2009 12 out of 46 (26%)
8s Appearances in 2010 36 out of 43 (84%)
8s Appearances in 2011 34 out of 49 (69%)
8s Appearances in 2012 28 out of 49 (57%)
8s Appearances in 2013 23 out of 48 (48%)
8s Appearances in 2014 42 out of 50 (84%)
8s Appearances in 2015 33 out of 51 (65%)

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