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Mark Fyffe

Nickname Fyffie, The Glass Man
Date Of Birth 5/4/74
Place Of Birth Singapore
Big Team Leeds United
Wee Team Dundee United
Favourite Player Ever Nemanja Vidic
Position No nonsense centre back, though looks like he'd make a decent keeper, too
Distinguishing Features Nothing so far (we have far too many baldy nappers at 8s nowadays for his to count as a feature)

Let's start the bidding with Agent 47 out of the 'Hitman' video games or World Cup whistler Howard Webb

Battlecry His chat during our 11s games is excellent, but he's yet to come up with a battlecry of his own
Claim To Fame

Played football with Christian Dailly as a youngster - 'obviously not enough football to get any skills' - and has spent more time living in Singapore than he has in Scotland

8s Appearances in 2014 25 out of 50 (50%)
8s Appearances in 2015 2 out of 51 (4%)

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