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Martin Thomson

Nickname Blunt Trauma (after a 50/50 in the box with Martin Daw - big Martin came off worst by a considerable margin!)
Date Of Birth 20/11/80
Place Of Birth Greenock
Big Team Manchester United
Wee Team Greenock Morton
Favourite Player Ever Ryan Giggs or Morton goalkeeping legend David 'The Cat' Wylie
Position Only ever played in goal for us, but apparently pretty decent outfield, too
Distinguishing Features Incessant west coast banter, black eye, diminutive stature
Lookalike Hubby Greg reckons 'Robbie Williams crossed with Jared Leto' - we're going to go for a young Al Pacino

Listen out for his trademark 'Come tae F*CK!', typically deployed when he is questioning a refereeing decision

Claim To Fame

Once played in goals in front of Graeme Souness, who dubbed him 'the world's smallest keeper' whilst commentating.

First Real player to earn a living killing vampires.

8s Appearances in 2015 27 out of 51 (53%)
8s Appearances in 2016 10 out of 50 (20%)

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