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Mike Boyle

Nickname Sheepy
Date Of Birth 18/1/72
Place Of Birth Buckie
Big Team Celtic
Wee Team Buckie Thistle
Favourite Player Ever Bobby Murdoch or Paul McStay
Position Anywhere in defence (has put in good shifts at both right back and centre half) or attacking midfielder
Distinguishing Features Mid-match moby usage, the Sheepy Shuffle as he prepares to embark on another mazy run up the pitch, long range rocket shots, repeated nutmeggery
Lookalike John Hartson, Northumbrian nutter Raoul Moat (deceased), a Sontaran out of 'Doctor Who' or management-era Paul Lambert

"It's not f*cking tennis - it's FOOTBALL - play it on the deck!"

Either that or "Mar-vellous!"

Claim To Fame

Auditioning for Murray's debut gay p*rn flick at Peffermill, beheading a small boy while taking part in a 5s tournament at the Corn Exchange and injuring himself with a roll of cling film.

Scared of urinals, too.

8s Debut 16/11/04 (est.)
5s Appearances in 2004 4 out of 41 (10%)
5s Appearances in 2005 25 out of 45 (56%)
5s Appearances in 2006 0 out of 43 (0%)
5s Appearances in 2007 0 out of 42 (0%)
5s Appearances in 2008 5 out of 48 (10%)
8s Appearances in 2009 3 out of 46 (7%)
8s Appearances in 2010 17 out of 43 (40%)
8s Appearances in 2011 34 out of 49 (69%)
8s Appearances in 2012 39 out of 49 (80%)
8s Appearances in 2013 28 out of 48 (58%)
8s Appearances in 2014 16 out of 50 (32%)
8s Appearances in 2015 38 out of 51 (75%)
8s Appearances in 2016 20 out of 50 (40%)

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