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Pauline Rafferty

In the army - Mugdock Country Park, 1986

Nickname Not got one
Date Of Birth A lady never divulges her age!
Place Of Birth Paisley
Big Team Celtic
Wee Team Grimsby Town
Favourite Player Ever Michael Owen or David Beckham
Position Midfield or anywhere up front - usually lurking in a shadow somewhere, waiting for a sneaky pass to put her in on goal
Distinguishing Features Seventeen layers of insulation, all of them with the Celtic or Scotland logo on. And a woolly hat.
Lookalike TBA
Battlecry Not sure - shouts a lot, but usually too shrill for us to make out what she's on about
Claim To Fame

Er, only woman ever to play for the Real (Finlay was disqualified on a technicality).

And that header she won against one of the Forbes GunnErs at Newfield - the boy must have been about a foot taller than Pauline!

She's also the only Real player to score with a header whilst wearing a Santa hat ...

5s Appearances in 2004 12 out of 41 (29%)
5s Appearances in 2005 24 out of 45 (53%)
5s Appearances in 2006 29 out of 43 (67%)
5s Appearances in 2007 13 out of 42 (31%)
5s Appearances in 2008 28 out of 48 (58%)
8s Appearances in 2009 29 out of 46 (63%)
8s Appearances in 2010 21 out of 43 (49%)
8s Appearances in 2011 9 out of 49 (18%)

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