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Ross Henderson

Nickname Sheepy's Nephew, Hendo, Post Puncher, Rocky
Date Of Birth 2/3/89
Place Of Birth Aberdeen
Big Team Rangers
Wee Team Elgin City
Favourite Player Ever Brian Laudrup
Position Able to play anywhere on the park, apparently - we'll keep him between the sticks for now, thanks very much!
Distinguishing Features 'Ragged, student-like appearance' - looks like a Tax Dodger, in other words - plus bleeding knuckles from punching his goalposts in frustration
Lookalike Steve Coogan, a fat Robbie Fowler or the bloke off the Cadbury's ads for the Olympics (above)
Battlecry Nothing so far (apart from maybe the odd 'Aha!' as our defence hung him out to dry once again in the PWC game)
Claim To Fame

Has conceded more goals in a single 11s game than any other keeper in the history of the Real (see above).

Once refused Neil Lennon entry to Hampden.

8s Appearances in 2012 20 out of 49 (41%)
8s Appearances in 2013 18 out of 48 (38%)
8s Appearances in 2014 29 out of 50 (58%)
8s Appearances in 2015 31 out of 51 (61%)
8s Appearances in 2016 42 out of 50 (84%)
8s Appearances in 2017 1 out of 49 (2%)
8s Appearances in 2018 0 out of 46 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2019 0 out of 50 (0%)
8s Appearances in 2020 5 out of 18 (28%)
Total Appearances 146

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