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Scott Hook

Nickname Sieb
Date Of Birth 29/6/72
Place Of Birth Edinburgh
Big Team Hearts
Wee Team Liverpool
Favourite Player Ever John Robertson
Position Not the quickest defender to play with the Real, but one of the most solid - and pretty handy in goals, too
Distinguishing Features At least five layers of clothing on his upper body, sweaty coupon, tendency to tackle (and save shots) with his haw maws
Lookalike Motherwell and QPR goalie Sieb Dykstra, famed for swinging from his crossbar, arguing with his defenders - and looking like a porn star
Battlecry No battlecry, per se, but loves to wind the opposition up something rotten
Claim To Fame Received a virtual red card from Brian Latto in his first 11s game for the Real
5s Appearances in 2008 27 out of 48 (56%)
8s Appearances in 2009 22 out of 46 (48%)

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