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26th May 2024

The Retired Player Profiles page has been brought up to date for the first time in ... possibly ever. Check it out to see all of our former team mates who have hung up their boots. 

25th May 2024

Reda is the first of our recent Moroccan recruits to be Profiled.

23rd December 2023

Appearance stats for 2023 are now online

6th November 2023

Recent recruits Stephen and Tom have now been Profiled.

21st September 2023

Left peg assassin Jack's Profile is now on the website

20th July 2023

Dando's light blue tinged Profile is now on the website

11th June 2023

Robbie is the latest member of the Class Of '23 to be Profiled

6th May 2023

Jamie McLaren is finally Profiled, nearly two years after his debut for the Real!

16th April 2023

Jamie Murray is Profiled after returning for his second spell with the Real

3rd April 2023

Ali Horne is the first of our Class Of '23 to be Profiled

31st January 2023

The man they are already calling the Fife Foghorn is Profiled

21st December 2022

Appearance stats for 2022 are now online

18th September 2022

Pretty sure we've never had an uncle and nephew playing in the same 8s game before - read Ryan's Profile to find out more!

29th April 2022

Read David Walker's Profile to find out why we might manage to arrange a game against Balmoral Thistle sometime soon ...

17th January 2022

Ally McLellan's Profile is the first to be added to the website in 2022.

26th December, 2021

Appearance stats for 2021 are now online and recent recruit Nick Mortimer has been Profiled

12th October, 2021

Happy Magpie Nick's Profile is now online - I think that's us up to date!

7th October, 2021

Denis's Profile hits the site, complete with possibly the greatest Claim To Fame in Real history!

14th July, 2021

Having done the Camino in reverse - from Santiago de Compostela to Saughton - Alexis is Profiled

4th July, 2021

Dual code legend Fraser Strachan is Profiled

13th January, 2021

Appearance stats for 2020 are now online

16th September, 2020

Jamie's Profile is now online - after all these years, we now have an actual, card carrying footballer at the club!

21st March, 2020

Sean is Profiled after Bill finally finds time to decipher the drunken notes he took at the last Real Social

1st January, 2020

Appearance stats for 2019 are now online

7th December, 2019

Midfield maestro Joe is Profiled at last

31st October, 2019

The Highland goal machine is Profiled at last

19th August, 2019

Bill's workmate Adam is Profiled - which Di Canio photo did Bill go for, then?!

23rd July, 2019

Recent recruit Brian is Profiled - and may just be the toughest Real player ever!

19th January, 2019

Appearance stats for 2018 are now online

19th November, 2018

It can only be a matter of time before Ash deploys the Hand Of God at Saughton one Tuesday evening

31st October, 2018

Nothing too scary about Grant's Profile - maybe apart from his date of birth - on Hallowe'en!

19th September, 2018

From Kingston to Killie - Gregor is Profiled

14th August, 2018

Simon wisely attempts to curry favour with The Management via the Wee Team choice in his Profile

1st August, 2018

They said it would never happen - Jordan is Profiled at last!

14th July, 2018

Frank's Profile is next up, and features a particularly fine Favourite Player Ever

11th July, 2018

As the Three Lions prepare for their biggest game in decades, it's only appropriate that proud England fans James and Adam are Profiled

12th May, 2018

Joe is finally Profiled, roughly 15 months since his Real debut!

23rd December, 2017

Appearance stats for 2017 are now online

12th December, 2017

At least one of the Saughton Squad supports the local team!

9th December, 2017

Gary is the first of the Saughton Squad to be Profiled

31st October, 2017

We finally have a reason for those neon tops that Greig wears - he's a Campos fan!

8th September, 2017

Ross Holland's Profile suggests that he may well be the staunchest Dundonian we've ever had in the ranks of the Real

23rd August, 2017

Shines on the pitch, even without a ball: Stephen James is Profiled

17th July, 2017

James Durey is Profiled after his transfer from the Bundesliga

11th May, 2017

Read young Tain's Profile to discover what he and Alex Kapranos have got in common

24th March 2017

Dave notches a hat trick as the Real win the rearranged league game against the Parly, and young Bradley is Profiled

21st December, 2016

Appearance stats for 2016 are now online

18th December, 2016

If your name's not on the guest list, you're not getting in to see Thom's Profile!

2nd December, 2016

Matt's Profile is the next one down the pipe, and features a very fine Claim To Fame!

30th November, 2016

Julian is Profiled after making his 11s debut for the Real against Balerno Dads on 25th November

4th October, 2016

Rene is the next of the 2016 Graduate Intake to be Profiled

27th September, 2016

Cam White is the first of our Summer recruits to be Profiled

16th August, 2016

A first half OG and a late strike from Calder earn the Real their first win in the Summer League

8th August, 2016

Big Stu scores a first half thunderbolt, but the Real still lose to ten man Fernieside in the League

16th July, 2016

First there was Jaybo - now there's Jayland!

30th June, 2016

Andy Nichol submits a quality Profile with a distinct whiff of cabbage and ribs about it

28th June, 2016

Website springs back to life with the results of our first two Summer League games - reports to follow - and Andy Muir is Profiled

29th March, 2016

Martin Daw finally files a Profile that features some of our best Claims To Fame ever!

1st January, 2016

New Year, and new set of Appearance stats now online

8th October, 2015

Natu takes a break from filming the follow up to 'Top Gear' and submits his Profile form

15th July, 2015

Young Tom is Profiled following his recent transfer from the mighty Spartans FC

13th June, 2015

Beam me up, Scotty - new recruit Jason has been Profiled!

17th May, 2015

A Friendly has been confirmed against Northend Thistle from Arran - and our beloved Bawbag has been Profiled to mark his retirement!

11th April, 2015

Recent recruit Bill Ryan - probably our first American player ever - is Profiled

28th January, 2015

David is the last of the recent recruits to be Profiled - we want More!

24th January, 2015

Darren is Profiled on the eve of his 11s debut for the Real.

21st January, 2015

The latest HotScots friendly confirmed for Sunday 25th, and first Winter League game confirmed for the following Sunday.

10th January, 2015

Aaron is the first of the new recruits to be Profiled.

29th December, 2014

2014 Appearance stats are now online.

12th November, 2014

Neil Malloy's Profile is finally online!

9th November, 2014

Goals from wee Graham (2), Gus and James as the Real win their latest friendly against the HotScots

28th October, 2014

Adam McMurchie's Profile contains three of our greatest Claims To Fame ever!

19th October, 2014

Jon Goodwin is Profiled at long last!

15th July, 2014

Goals from Craig and Andy as the Real lose to White Lightning in the semi final of the Winter League.

17th May, 2014

Latest Winter League table is now online

13th May, 2014

Rob Ward is next on the Profile production line

25th April 2014

Recent recruit Stu Pryde is Profiled

27th March, 2014

Winter League table is now online - as is Graham Wilson's Profile!

11th March, 2014

Recent recruit Phil Cragg is Profiled

4th March, 2014

Recent recruit Mark Fyffe is Profiled

16th February, 2014

Match report from our recent Winter League victory over Balerno Dads is now online.

9th February, 2014

A hat trick from James on his 11s debut for the Real as we beat Balerno Dads in the Winter League

25th January, 2014

Further Winter League fixtures are now starting to appear, please get them in your diaries!

11th January, 2014

Recent recruit James Trysburg is Profiled

3rd January, 2014

2013 Appearance stats have been added to active Player Profiles - Andy leads the way after only missing two games in a year!

29th November, 2013

First fixture of the new Winter League campaign confirmed

6th November, 2013

Recent recruit Kevin 'luvvy' Valentine is Profiled

28th September, 2013

Recent recruit Gus is Profiled

10th September, 2013

Friendly games against HotScots and State Street have been added to Fixtures page (State Street game still TBC)

26th August, 2013

Friendly against Edinburgh Harps confirmed for September 28th - oh, and recent recruit Adnan is Profiled

8th August, 2013

Two goals from Jay, but we lose out to a well drilled MBC side in the Winter League final.

6th July, 2013

Recent recruit Gunay is Profiled

14th June, 2013

Roddy scores a hat trick as the Real brush St Columba's aside to move into the final of the Winter League

20th May, 2013

Stu Falconer claims a hat trick as the Real defeat the HotScots in a friendly at Fettes - and Ali is Profiled

1st May, 2013

Match report from the Cameron Toll game is now online, as are details of an upcoming HotScots friendly

29th April, 2013

Goals from Roddy, Ted and Phil as the Real defeat Cameron Toll in the Winter League quarter final

7th April, 2013

Fixtures list updated with our upcoming Winter League quarter final against Cameron Toll and a friendly against Gary Gormley's new team, Edinburgh Harps

17th February, 2013

Goals from Stu Falconer and Phil as the Real draw once again with the Scottish Parliament

13th January, 2013

Match photos from our Winter League game against the Scottish Parliament can now be viewed here and here

1st January, 2013

We start the new year with a long overdue Profile of the young McNie

23rd December, 2012

Appearance stats for 2012 have now been added to Player Profiles - Bill back on top once more!

9th December, 2012

Do you remember what you were doing when Jordan scored THAT goal?

2nd December, 2012

Match report from our opening Winter League game against the Scottish Parliament is now online.

25th November, 2012

Match report for our friendly game against Willie's Wanderers is now online.

1st November, 2012

Profiles added for Roddy Campbell and Stu Falconer

20th October, 2012

First of the new Winter League fixtures has been confirmed

2nd October, 2012

Friendly fixture has been confirmed against a Police side called Willie's Wanderers on 23rd November.

Winter League fixtures should appear on the site within the next couple of weeks, too!

13th August, 2012

Recent recruit Emil is Profiled

19th July, 2012

HotScots friendly confirmed for 12th August

23rd May, 2012

Match report from our last league game against St Columba's is now online - PWC report next!

19th May 2012

Rory Macdonald is Profiled on the eve of his 8s debut

8th May 2012

Shots from our Winter League game against PWC on 17/4/12 are now online

30th April, 2012

Our old mucker Forbes Gunn is Profiled after meeting Bill at Murray's wedding at the weekend!

22nd April, 2012

Martin Thomson is Profiled after his Winter League debut against St Columba's on 20th April

1st April, 2012

We've taken delivery of the first sample of the sexy new Real match jersey - photos here!

6th March, 2012

Match report from our 7-3 win over Murrayfield Thistle now online

5th March, 2012

Photos from our 11s game against the Azzurri are now online

3rd March, 2012

Player Profile for our 11s midfield enforcer, Barry 'Not Ted' MacDougal, is now online

26th February, 2012

Match report from our 6-1 defeat of the Azzurri is now online - pulled fanny photos to follow!

25th February, 2012

Match report from our 3-2 defeat care of the HotScots is now online - as is the Winter League table after our fine 6-1 win over the Azzurri on 24th February!

18th February, 2012

Match report for our 4-3 thriller against St Columba's is now online

15th February, 2012

Recent recruit Fergus is Profiled; match report from our superb 11s win over St Columba's is next up!

8th February, 2012

List of upcoming fixtures has been updated, and Greg Bissett's Profile is now online following his 11s debut against St Columba's

29th January, 2012

Match report from our 3-1 friendly win over St Columba's on Friday is now online

9th January, 2012

Opening Winter League game of 2012 has been confirmed

21st December, 2011

Appearance stats for 2011 are now online

3rd December, 2011

Murrayfield Thistle match report now online

27th November, 2011

One to read through your fingers - PWC match report now online!

22nd November, 2011

New 11s goalie Ross Henderson is Profiled

30th September, 2011

New recruit Martin (NOT Mark) McCabe is Profiled

25th September, 2011

The Real defeated Bay FC 6-2 at Spartans yesterday - match report and stats now online!

29th August, 2011

Jordan is Profiled after his winning 11s debut against the HotScots

24th August, 2011

Match report from our 4-1 victory over the HotScots is now online - as is the Profile for Kris the Pole after his Real debut

11th August, 2011

Fixture against HotScots confirmed for August 21st.

3rd August, 2011

Mark Donald is Profiled after his recent 11s performances

2nd August, 2011

Consolation goal from Andy as FC Farcelona reclaim the Copa Del Saughton

25th July, 2011

Devastating first half display earns the Real record victory over Gormadona FC

21st July, 2011

Recent recruit John Faulds is Profiled

14th July, 2011

Upcoming 11s games have been added to Fixtures page

22nd June, 2011

Recent recruit Nick is Profiled

19th June, 2011

Match report from our 3-3 draw against KARO now online

10th June, 2011

Adam Cheney, Craig Milligan, Robert Skellett and Mike Johnstone are all Profiled in the run up to the Oldenburg game

10th March, 2011

Date, time and venue confirmed for 11s game against KARO Oldenburg, a touring side from Bremen.

Plus photos from recent Bay FC game are now here, here, here and here.

6th March, 2011

The Real overcome a 2-0 half time deficit to record fine win over Bay FC

3rd February, 2011

New Arran tourists Wiggy , Hammy , Rab and Jon are Profiled

23rd January, 2011

Goals from Jay and Calder as the Real record a hard-fought win over the HotScots

27th December, 2010

Appearance stats for 2010 are now on the site, so check your Profiles! Calder leads the way ...

7th November, 2010

Outline profile for Dom Jordan now online

9th October, 2010

Recent recruit Andy Duncan is Profiled

6th October, 2010

There are legends - and then there are Real legends!

28th August, 2010

Bruce Oshakuade is next on the Profile conveyor belt

24th August, 2010

Mike Walker is the next of the recent recruits to be Profiled

18th August, 2010

Recent recruit Yasser is Profiled

2nd July, 2010

HotScots match report now online - photos next!

28th June, 2010

Date pencilled in for our next 11s clash with the HotScots

22nd June, 2010

Chris Paterson is profiled after his 11s debut for the Real

7th June, 2010

Details of our next 11s fixture here

4th June, 2010

David Murray is profiled after his debut 8s appearance at Saughton

11th May, 2010

Profile starts to come together nicely for Euan Clark as he gets into the Tuesday vibe

20th March, 2010

Andy Christie is profiled after his latest 11s run out for the Real

19th March, 2010

Report and Stats from tonight's hard fought draw against FC Happy Mondays are now online.

13th March, 2010

Details of our next 11s game are now online

2nd April, 2010

Shots from Northend match here, here, here and here

30th March, 2010

Match report from Northend game here

28th March, 2010

Stats from yesterday's fine victory over Northend Thistle now online

3rd March, 2010

Details confirmed for our next 11s game, the long awaited Northend Thistle rematch

13th January, 2010

Happy New Year - new recruit Dale is Profiled here

23rd December, 2009

Appearance stats for 2009 are now online - check your profiles! Plus this year's Christmas card from Saughton is here

23rd November, 2009

Our coverage of the 11s win over Inter Yerma continues with more artwork from the House Of Hare

15th November, 2009

Stirring, slope assisted second half fightback as the Real defeat the HotScots - Stats from the game are here

12th November, 2009

HotScots game on Sunday will now be played on grass at Saughton

3rd November, 2009

More mad match fee artwork from James here

1st November, 2009

New recruits Tom and Norrie Profiled

31st October, 2009

11s game against HotScots FC has been confirmed

28th October, 2009

New recruit Ewan's Profile is certainly up to Par

11th October, 2009

Photos from our first game against Inter Yerma here

3rd October, 2009

Stats from last night's 4-3 victory over Inter Yerma

29th September, 2009

New recruit Kev is Profiled

24th September, 2009

Venue and kickoff time confirmed for 11s rematch against Inter Yerma

22nd September, 2009

Right, I want all match fees to be submitted like this from now on!

20th September, 2009

Photos from Intra Mural 11s game in June finally start to appear 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /5 / 6

9th September, 2009

Report from yesterday's 4-2 victory over FC Happy Mondays

7th September, 2009

Olly is Profiled on the eve of his 11s debut for the Real

25th August, 2009

There are Real Tuesday legends, and then there are Real Tuesday LEGENDS!

19th August, 2009

Date confirmed for next 11s game at the Stadium Of Dark

14th July, 2009

New recruit Chris X. Smith is Profiled here

29th June, 2009

Shots from the recent 5s tournament at Inverleith here

15th June, 2009

New recruit Andrew Calder is Profiled here

5th June, 2009

Stats from this week's Intra Mural game starting to appear here - report next!

30th May, 2009

Wholly fabricated Profile for Franco now online - all contributions welcome!

17th May, 2009

Anyone fancy a spot of choral?

15th May, 2009

Notice anything different about the site?!

8th May, 2009

John on the cutting edge of archaeology once again!

2nd May, 2009

New recruit Pete is Profiled

27th April, 2009

Links page has been revamped to bring it up to date - contact Bill if you want anything added or removed

30th March, 2009

New recruit Iain and birthday boy Jay are Profiled

22nd March, 2009

Wow - there may even be method to our madness!

4th March, 2009

Date and venue confirmed for 'home' 11s game against Northend Thistle, more details TBC!

2nd March, 2009

Goals from wee Dave and Adrian as Real lose to an impressive Inter Yerma side

22nd February, 2009

Details of this week's 11s game added to the Fixtures page, along with link giving directions to the Spartans Academy at Ainslie Park (behind the Leisure Centre, basically)

5th February, 2009

New recruit Pete Swan is Profiled

28th December, 2008

Large version of the Santa hats photo here

25th December, 2008

Fancy a wee Christmas Bonus?

24th December, 2008

2008 appearance stats have been added to all Profiles, with Adrian our most regular attendee. Average number of players over the year was 13.4 per week, compared to 11.7 last year. Well done, and happy Christmas!

16th December, 2008

Recent recruit Sam is Profiled

1st December, 2008

And here's what we could have won!

30th November, 2008

Match photos from Arran (care of Norman from Cat Bay and Nick Northend) here and here. And recent recruit Josh is Profiled here.

26th November, 2008

Dougie is Profiled following his 11s debut for the Real on Arran

23rd November, 2008

Last of the Cat Bay shots here and here (still waiting for match shots from Norman the Northend photographer). Oh, and here's the cost of all the pints we were sinking in the photographs ...

21st November, 2008

New recruit William is the latest Merchistonian to be Profiled

18th November, 2008

More, increasingly deranged tour photos here and here (Photoshop has been used to ensure they are suitable for work!)

16th November, 2008

So which one of the old boys at Saughton is called Shirley, then?

14th November, 2008

Match report from the 'Arran Voice' website here - and tour photos are here / here / here / here / here / here / here

10th November, 2008

Eight Real players, plus two Northend guests, lose to Northend Thistle in 12 goal thriller!

23rd October, 2008

Press coverage of the forthcoming 11s game on Arran starts here! And occasional Real player Rick is Profiled here.

10th October, 2008

Another match report from the vaults - an 11s game against the Moonies from November 2004

8th October, 2008

Brief match report and Stats from our last 11s game against Stew Mel here

1st October, 2008

Just why was a young James Hare sitting on Colin McRae's knee, then?

24th September, 2008

Somewhat sketchy match report from our last 11s game against RMJM Edinburgh here

18th September, 2008

Match report on our 11s game against FC Farcelona here and match stats here

16th September, 2008

Possibly the best Claim To Fame ever to feature in a player's Profile

11th September, 2008

Scott is Profiled

10th September, 2008

Dave Rolland is the next of the new recruits Profiled

7th September, 2008

Profiles added for Phil and Stuart Blackhall

26th August, 2008

Bill's photos from the latest Farcelona game here and here

19th August, 2008

Goals from Fergal (2), Nick (2) and Phil as the Real claim the Copa Del Saughton on the new astro pitch at the Stadium Of Dark

20th July, 2008

What do Pob the puppet and Alex Bone have in common?

19th July, 2008

Madrid maestro Antonio is Profiled

15th July, 2008

Recent recruit Stuart Boyd is the subject of the latest Player Profile

27th June, 2008

Please allow the website to give you the Bird

19th June, 2008

Mad, Fahd and dangerous to know ...

16th June, 2008

Scott Gillan is the next member of the Class Of 2008 to be Profiled

7th April, 2008

After enjoying a 15 goal victory in his first game of 5s with the Real, Craig Hamilton is Profiled

21st January, 2008

New recruit Ross is Profiled in our first update of the new year

25th December, 2007

All Profiles have been updated with 2007 appearance stats. Oh, and here's this year's card from the Saughton squad. Happy Christmas!

5th December, 2007

New recruit Nick is Profiled

23rd November, 2007

Finally, a mugshot for Fergal!

22nd October, 2007

Shall I get her some flowers, lads?

9th October, 2007

New recruit Rocco is Profiled, and we've now got a mugshot of Rory. Oh, and some major resurfacing news.

24th September, 2007

Gareth's superb second half free kick earns the Real another fighting draw against Real Esobad.

23rd September, 2007

Rory is Profiled. And details of our latest 11s runout have been added to the Fixtures page.

14th September, 2007

B*gger me - Sheepy's on YouTube!

11th September, 2007

New recruit Fergal is Profiled - just Rory to track down, now!

1st September, 2007

Update on Saughton resurfacing plans scanned here

22nd August, 2007

Crippy and (kind of) Sheepy score but RMJM give us a fair old spanking

1st August, 2007

Matchday programme produced by the Samba Stags here, here, here and here

29th July, 2007

Photos from the draw against RMJM here, here and here

26th July, 2007

First of the Samba Stags shots here. RMJM shots will follow shortly!

Oh, and talking of RMJM, rematch has been scheduled for August 20th - details here.

22nd July, 2007

John marks his comeback from injury by scoring at both ends as the Real lose heavily to the Samba Stags, with Sheepy adding another OG and wee Craig notching a penalty

17th July, 2007

Zyco sees red, but not before goals from him and Bucko earn the Real a fighting draw against RMJM

7th July, 2007

Peter Profiled, innit?

3rd July, 2007

New recruit Darrell Profiled

21st June, 2007

New recruit Martin Profiled, details of two 11s games in July added to Fixtures page and Simon's fine report on the last Baarcelona game posted here

18th May, 2007

Nottingham photos here, here, here and here

7th May, 2007

Photos from Friday's 11s game here, here, here and here

5th May, 2007

Goals from Simon (2), Ryan (2) and wee Craig see us home against Baarcelona. Stats from the match are here.

1st May, 2007

Ah, those 'guns', Chris!

30th April, 2007

Fixtures grid updated with the upcoming Baarcelona rematch and (of course) the tournament in Nottingham on 12th May. Plus, just to get the blood pumping in advance of those games, a photo of the trophy we won in our last competitive match has been added to the Gallery.

22nd April, 2007

Tour page updated with details of the Team Hotel and the tournament arrangements. And our latest Irish recruit, Chris Murphy, has been Profiled.

18th April, 2007

Details of our first ever tour here - please check back regularly for updates, as this is just a first pass!

7th January, 2007

Happy New Year! All of our Profiles have duly been updated with 2006 appearance statistics.

12th December, 2007

This year's card from the Saughton squad. And, while I have got my scanner oot, here's SBJ in the paper.

26th November, 2007

Photos from the Stew Mel game now online here and here

22nd November, 2007

Goals from Zyco (3), Tom and Scampi see the Real reclaim the McNie Memorial Trophy from Stew Mel

15th November, 2007

Details of the long awaited Stew Mel rematch added to the Fixtures page - team and arrangements to follow shortly. Oh, and the Excuses page is up and running once more!

5th November, 2006

Aye, cheers lads!

31st October, 2006

New recruit Bonus is Profiled

29th October, 2006

The Bearded Assassin provides a fine match report on the last Baarcelona game, while match photos can be found here and here

24th October, 2006

Has Chalky followed Dave into the modelling business?

13th October, 2006

Goals from Simon, Bucko and Zyco (2) see the Real home against Mike Boyle's Baarcelona

5th September, 2006

Scampi Profiled

3rd September, 2006

Photos from the Baarcelona game here, here and here

1st September, 2006

Four goals from Tom and three from Zyco as the Real beat Baarcelona comfortably

14th August, 2006

Match report on the Real Esobad game here - thanks, DC!

13th August, 2006

Photos from our 3-3 draw with Real Esobad now online here and here.

12th July, 2006

Real legend Chalky White is Profiled, in advance of a possible return to the 11s fold.

2nd July, 2006

Photos from our 1-0 loss to FC Farcelona now online here and here.

6th June, 2006

Info regarding our 11s rematch against FC Farcelona on Thursday added to the News page.

17th May, 2006

Profiles of Irish Gary and English Tom complete the set once again - thanks, all!

13th May, 2006

Rematch against FC Farcelona, this time for the Copa Del Saughton, confirmed for 8th June - Brian Latto will ref. A couple of News items also added.

11th May, 2006

Anyone fancy a wee trip to Nottingham later in the year - with boots?

10th May, 2006

John becomes the second member of our Irish contingent to be Profiled.

3rd May, 2006

Sponsor Zyco. Get to know Ryan. And think twice about calling John 'Shark Bite' ever again.

31st March, 2006

Kenny ties the knot tomorrow!

13th March, 2006

Photos taken after our last 11s game against FC Farcelona are now online, as is Adrian's fledgling Profile.

8th March, 2006

Accurate map added to the Contact Us page, after Adrian went walkabout on the night of his Real debut while following the previous version.

27th February, 2006

Goals by Ian and Stevie (plus a penalty conceded by Bill) earned the Real a battling draw in the rematch against FC Farcelona at Peffermill last Friday. Match report to follow.

9th February, 2006

Details of our next 11s game added to the News page.

24th January, 2006

Strewth - two vintage match reports plucked from the 'Sniffer' Storrie archive here and here. And we won both games!